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We're All About Process 

Client Introduction

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We build lasting relationships based on trust, transparency and open exchange at every stage of the design process, from creating a tailored brief and scope to collaborating in research and development. This meeting is about finding the client’s aspirations and opportunities.

Concept Generation

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This second phase is about understanding the project through client, expert and user insights, running through the creative process structuring ideas into concepts. We develop a number of  distinct concepts for the proposed product or idea. Each concept will be presented as a variation on core elements of the provided design requirements (Budget, Category, Functions, etc.) We create ideas on paper, physical mock-ups and digital models to be compiled and presented to the client.

Design Development


In this phase, the design is close to the final product. A detailed 3-D model with orthographic views and section views, parts list, realistic renderings with applied CMF are provided. If applicable, designs are finalized with engineering and technological solutions but are not optimized for mass production.

Physical Prototyping


Digital models are refined, printed, and assembled in-studio or outsourced if need be.

Models are shipped to the client to interact with and to provide feedback.

Manufacturing Connection

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We provide necessary files and information for production of manufactured samples. During this phase, we can source manufacturing if the client does not already have one.

Our industrial design studio follows a strict design process.
it ensures that every project is approached in a systematic and comprehensive manner.

dbs studio

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