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We built an automated microclimate for food production, starting with mushrooms, which are notoriously difficult to grow. Our system can be broken down into a few components - 

- Industrial designed and 3D printed enclosure to house the microclimate
- Environmental control through sensors and actuators, PID loops
- CO2 control loop using a CO2 sensor and fan
- Temperature range control using a combo of temp sensors, water heater, and peltier modules
- Humidity control through humidity sensor and piezoelectric humidifier
- Lighting control through an LED on/off control loop
- Machine learning to automatically understand how to optimize the system
- Basic computer vision for growth stage recognition Web app to monitor the stages of production

The models were created in solidworks fusion and onshape, renders were made in keyshot, and circuits were designed in kicad and eagle.

official deck presentation here:

Miami Hack Week.
Miami, FL.


Industrial design
Brand strategy 

3d printing


Mushroom Inc Exploded Grey. .10.jpg
Mushroom Inc Climate Controle. .16.png
Mushroom Inc Exploded 2. .11.png
Mushroom Inc Climate Controle. .17.png
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dbs studio

1501 Biscayne Blvd #501, Miami, FL 33132


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