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eyeware sketch to production

Our Work

Industrial design
CMF (color,material,finsh)
Design for Manufacturing
Branding elements


The MONTE team approached us with a clear but flexible request: to create a line of sunglasses inspired by current market trends. With the founders' extensive experience in retail eyewear, they recognized a niche for designer-style sunglasses at accessible prices. That's where DBS stepped in.


In this phase, we developed a family of variations on the original design. Each concept was presented as a variation on core elements of the provided reference frames (temples, bridge, frame proportions, etc.).

MONTElinework casestudy.jpg


At this phase, the client has narrowed down from the various concepts generated during the ideation phase and selected one direction to pursue further. The chosen direction represents the vision and goals of the eyewear design project. Advanced design involves initial CAD of the chosen concept in more detail, considering factors like, functionality, ergonomics, and manufacturability consideration to create a more refined representation of the chosen design.

ADVANCED DESIGN & CMF (Color, Material, Finish)


Building upon the drafted CAD model created in the earlier phase, we refine the digital model to a higher level of detail and precision. This refinement involves adjusting proportions, refining curves and surfaces, and ensuring that the design aligns with ergonomic principles and functional requirements. Advanced CAD allows designers to make precise modifications and iterations based on feedback from stakeholders, including clients, engineers, and user testing. The selection of colors, materials, and finishes plays a crucial role in defining the aesthetic identity of eyewear designs. In this phase, designers visualize different CMF options and present them in a compelling format for evaluation and decision-making. This may involve creating digital renderings or mood boards that showcase various color palettes, material textures, and surface finishes. Visual presentations help stakeholders visualize how different CMF options will enhance the overall design concept and resonate with the target audience.


DBS ensures a seamless transition to manufacturing by providing all necessary files and information required for the production. We deliver precise CAD files, technical drawings, and material specifications to facilitate the manufacturing process. Our documentation encompasses every aspect of the design, from dimensions and tolerances to surface finishes and assembly instructions, ensuring clarity and accuracy. By equipping manufacturers with the essential tools and insights they need, we streamline production, minimize errors to uphold the integrity of our design intent.

Drawing postcard mockup.jpg
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