"Designing Business Solutions through development of web systems, applications, and visual design."


Designed Business Solutions (db Solutions) is a consulting company specializing in the development of business web systems, applications, and visual design. Our primary focus is designing and developing custom Microsoft SharePoint branding, web part applications, and tools development.

db Solutions can help solve your business challenges by building web systems that fit your need. Our collaborative, phased approach ensures we deliver a solution that will strengthen your business by enhancing your partner, project, and company workflow.

Let us help you take your business to the next level!


Empower your business with a Microsoft SharePoint Solution

Microsoft SharePoint Design & Development

We offer complete design and development of your SharePoint environment including, Visual Branding, SharePoint driven Application Development, Custom SharePoint Tools & Automation, and Management.

Let us help you maximize your business integration experience with a tailored SharePoint solution.


Accelerate your business presence with a complete Web Solution

Web Design & Development, Web Hosting, and Web Administration

We offer complete design and development of your Web environment including, Visual Branding, Responsive Design for mobile, Content Design, Web Hosting, and Web Management.

Contact us today so we can help your business rise above the competition.


Enhance your business or product with a new or updated Design Solution

Business Graphics & Product Design

We offer complete design packages to enhance your Business or Product in the marketplace including, branding, web graphics, print design campaigns, and product designs.

Let us enhance your visual designs and make your next project shine.